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This is an 'Icon Contest' community for people who love icon making and love Christopher Eccleston. All levels of talent are welcome... from Newbies to Experienced 'Iconers'

Ok, quick review/rules:
All the normal play nice rules, we're all adults I don't think I need to police.

This is an icon contest site, which means that challenges will be set and voted on.

However, in the times between contests/voting you will be allowed to post any other creative works; this period of free posting will be clearly marked. Please do not post a non-entry post during contest time, it will be deleted to avoid confusion. You will be more than welcome to re-post during the free-post period.

Individual challenge rules will be added weekly

The main aim of the community is to have fun and be creative.

Alright, the main aim of the comm is to balance out all the DT Icon sites :P


1. Your submissions must NOT be animated. You may use brushes, text, etc to create your icon/s but you must only use the image/s provided. (unless stated otherwise)
2.You may enter 2 icons per challenge(unless stated otheriwse)
3. Do not vote for yourself and do not tell people to vote for you...Lets keep it fair.
4. Do NOT take any icon without the permission of the maker. Leave a comment for the maker and ask, don't just grab.
5. Make sure your submission fits LJ's size standards. (It's 100x100 and 40kb or less.)
6. Your submission must not be used or posted anywhere else until after the results are posted.
7. The mods may enter if they chose to, But Must anounce if they have.


We will work on a three week rotation basis.
For three weeks out of the month you will have a weekly challenge to take part in.
Voting goes from Friday to Friday, so 8pm (GMT) the voting is closed on one challenge and a new challenge will be issued.
Late entrys will be accepted only if the voting post isn't yet up.
All challenge comments will be screened.
The remaining week will be for everyone to post all the other fan art/graphics/icons that you've made to do with Chris.

Submit entires in the following format as a comment to the main challenge post.

Challenge:(e.g caption competition/word of the week etc)
Rating:(If applicable)
Spoilers: Please state which film you have taken a cap from and we will tag the Vote thread acorrdingly, S1/27 is now officially spioler free. :D


Each Friday after 8pm (GMT) the voting post will be put up.
You can vote for no more than 3 icons per challenge (Any more than that will be ignored/deleted) Unless otherwise stated.
Votes are given by commenting on the voting post.
Voting is a friends only deal(Comm members)
Submit your vote thus...


any themed voting here

All vote comments are screened.

As already stated, the main aim of this comm is to enjoy the deliciousness that is Christopher Eccleston and to have fun.
So go fourth and 'icon'

Some random LJ fun...
watch eccle_stills fight

A handy dandy Refference table compiled by petrichor7 with the help of others, Posted with permission.

Title:Dies?Nude scene?1
Heros ? ?
New Orleans Mon amour ? From what I can see, Y
Perfect Parents N, but we were taking bets. y
Doctor Who Y* Y (Dalek)
The Second Coming Y Y
28 Days Later Y N
The League of Gentlemen N N
Flesh and Blood ? ?
Revengers Tragedy Y N
The King and Us ? ?
I am Dina Y Y
24 Hour Party People N N**
Sunday ? ?
Othello N Y
Linda Green N Y
This Little Piggy ? ?
Strumpet N Y - shirt
The Others You could say that*** N
The Invisible Circus N Y
Gone in 60 Seconds Y N
Clocking Off N Y
The Tyre ? ?
Wilderness Men ? ?
With or Without You N Y, Y and Hell Yes
Heart Y Y
eXistenZ N N****
Elizabeth Y Y
A Price Above Rubies N N
Hillsborough N N
Jude N Y
Our Friends in the North N Y
Hearts and Minds N Y
Cracker Y N
Shallow Grave Y Y
Anchoress N N
Business w/Friends ? ?
Death and the Compass N N
Friday on my Mind ? ?
Poirot ? ?
Rachel's Dream N N
Boon ? ?
Let Him Have It Y N
Chancer N N
Inspector Morse N N
Casualty ? ?
Blood Rights Y N

1 Defined for these purposes as at least shirt off.

* Death or Extreme makeover? Tho I think He should get his money back on the Nose job.

** Not actually seen it, yet, but as he's only in one scene I go with no.

*** Snerk

**** Seen it now, lets just say he's breathing at the end.

EDITED: Updated info and additional footnotes from pheonix_iz_me.

Added just for a splash of colour:

made by kylie246

and even more colour...
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Made by wiccagal_1996

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