Weeeeeeee're Baaaaaack!

And we have an Actual challenge...

*waits patiantly whilst the comm members pick themselve up off the floor*



This challenge is gonna be a bit different for many reasons:

1. No time limit, well there is, but it's next year
2. No Pictures, you get to choose what you want
3. you can animate

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So there's your challenge.

Confused, good. :)

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and if thats not enough...Collapse )

So we're back and yep, madder than ever.



ETA: Non-Spoilery Heros caps link.

Really not dead

No Honest we haven't abodnoned ship, Just thin the new, job, getting used to the new rutine, etc, etc, excuse excuse...

We have some pix, Just need to get the hosted, hopefully tomorrow.

In the mean time, a bit of Fun, I have one of these for my own journal and was interested to see if it would let me generate a Comm one, It did. :D

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Not dead

Sorry for the lack of, well anything.

Went back to work and basically... well lets just say I'm all out of vasaline and really need some more. O_o

I am However in the process of finding a new job, I have a solid lead so wish me luck.

In the mean time, till I get my nights/life back, Free posting is still open, Until either Wic or Myself say otherwise.

So please, give us your Art: Icons, wallpapers, banners, sketches, Fanvids, RPFs, anything, As long as the Ecc is the focus, Bring it on.

Also may I bring to your attention the HUGE tag list, I know some of you do tag and for that I thankyou, but could everyone try to tag their enteries, and on the same note, do you think we should add a Tag for Spoilers?

Your mod


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Afternoon everyone.

We are now in a free posting period.
Post anything Eccles graphics related you fancy up until the 18/10/06.
Come on girls lets get a little bit of Eccles sexyness going on over here.