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...Because Chris is just as pretty
Challenge 13 
19th-Jan-2007 09:36 pm
I must start this post my saying that I LOVE my Dad.

He's a member of a newsgroup which allows him to DL lots of stuff, he was showing it to me and on a whim he searched 'Eccleston' I thought it wouldn't yeild anything I didn't already have, I'm a very thorough Fangirl, and lo and behold, amongst all the DW confidentials, was Rachels Dream. Cue much squeeing, yes I squee infront of my dad, what's your point?

Soooo my dear friends, my Dads canniness is your next Challenge:

1. Up to 5 icons
2. NO animation
3. Post as comments (screened as always)
4. 2 weeks, challange ends Feb 2nd (which, incidently, is the day After my Birthday)
5. Have fun.

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