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...Because Chris is just as pretty
28th-Feb-2007 04:28 pm - Last chance Kiddies
Ok, we now have enough votes for the random challenge and winners and Banners will be posted soon.

How ever we really would like more entries for challenge 13, you have til friday night.

I know it seems like we, well I, have been dragging this one out, but between my own busy-ness, and the feeling of Apathy I seem to get from this comm, well To be honest I'm feeling a Little dis-en heartened.

please prove me wrong, please prove that we we have lots of creative people hapy to make lots of pretties for all the world to share.

Your mod (the less organised one)

7th-Feb-2007 03:29 pm - Reminder & Feedback
Afternoon everyone,

Right, we havn't got enough votes for the Random Challenge and only 2 entrants totalling 4 icons for #13. We've got 64 members and I was wondering if you could all at least pop along and vote, please. I'm not going to close with that amount of entries because it wouldn't be a varied vote. It will remain open until we've gathered feedback from all of you.

Phe and I understand we've had a rather large hiatus, but would very much appreciate your feedback as to why you didn't/don't feel inspired for this challenge. Go on, vent your spleen. Politely of course. We're reasessing whether or not to keep the E_Stills open and would love to hear from you.


3rd-Feb-2007 09:17 pm - Extending...

...the deadline for our random challenge vote and challenge # 13 until Monday the 5th of Feb. I've been sick as a dog and Phe hasn't stopped working for about 127 hours, so we're both a lil behind with everything. Sorry guys.
I was supposed to post this this morning and completely forgot, Phe's gonna have my head,oops.

1st-Feb-2007 06:35 pm - Its my birthday!
so you know what that mneans....

Yep pressies to me of Loverly Contest icons, Please.

and if you get the time vote please.

see ya'll tomorrow.

26th-Jan-2007 08:50 pm - Reminder-y-ness

Evening all,

Lets be havin' ya then XD we've got the random challenge to vote on and #13 to enter. How much awesome is Phe's pops made of, eh? Rachels Dream is rarer than rocking horse...well you get the idea ;-D A few entrants so far but we could always use more ^_^

19th-Jan-2007 09:36 pm - Challenge 13
I must start this post my saying that I LOVE my Dad.

He's a member of a newsgroup which allows him to DL lots of stuff, he was showing it to me and on a whim he searched 'Eccleston' I thought it wouldn't yeild anything I didn't already have, I'm a very thorough Fangirl, and lo and behold, amongst all the DW confidentials, was Rachels Dream. Cue much squeeing, yes I squee infront of my dad, what's your point?

Soooo my dear friends, my Dads canniness is your next Challenge:
I thought you were just a dream.Collapse )

19th-Jan-2007 08:32 pm - Votey McVote
so we're finally closing the book on our mad random christmas challenge.

Guns don't kill people, Pretty icons do!Collapse )

New shiney challenge to follow.

19th-Jan-2007 06:12 pm - It''s now or never
Time is nearly up, you have about 2 hours to have Mad inspiration before this challenge finally close's it's doors.

16th-Jan-2007 07:47 pm - Random reminder

This is a scheduled service announcement.
Our random challenge is coming to a close on Friday 19th Jan @ 8pm (GMT). You can enter over here.
31st-Dec-2006 10:26 am - Reminder


This is a random service announcement =))
Don't forget our slightly insane challenge we've got going on over here.
We're hoping to get alot of entries for this one so go nuts and have a blast. Don't forget there are spoilers here for Heros.

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